Stationery Essentials For A Blogger

I don’t mind admitting I have a weakness for pretty stationery. It is often difficult to resist a new notebook or pen if I spot something I like. Being a blogger means there are many stationery essentials to facilitate scribbling down ideas, stats and the like in a variety of notebooks.

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Currently I have no less than four different notebooks that I use on a daily basis with some regards to my blog. These include a Bullet Journal where I find is the easiest place to store all of my scribbles. If you are interested in bullet journalling, check out my posts in more details regarding how to start a bullet journal, and supplies you will need for bullet journalling.

I recommend a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook for bullet journalling

Aside from my bullet journal, I also have a Personal Planner blog planner. I have written in depth about my planner in this post, but the main reasons I love it is because its size is big enough for me to jot down my daily to do list, reminders and notes for planning future content. Being spiral bound also means that every page is as flat as the last.

Another notebook that I have just started in the last few weeks is a smaller A6 hardback notebook that I received as a gift. It has become the perfect notebook for my ongoing to do list, mainly for social media to do’s that I knew need completing but won’t necessarily get done everyday. I use this notebook as an ongoing list, but it’s very satisfying when I get to cross something off the list.


When you find a pen that writes really well you stick with it don’t you. I have a small handful of favourites that I choose daily. My top three are my Disney pens, but to replace these means another trip to Walt Disney World. If you insist! They are black biros but write really well and fit well into my hand.

A few months ago I reviewed some products with Pen Heaven, and part of the collaboration was a personalised Parker pen that I chose to have my blog name engraved into. I like to use this pen when planning out new content for no other reason than it makes me feel more productive and it’s a pretty pen.

Thirdly my other choice of a pen is a frixion pen. I have a few different colours, but they are so handy if you make a mistake and need to erase your writing.

I recommend these colourful frixion pens

Sundry Items

Blogging stationery essentials are so much more than just notebooks and pens. The list is endless if you let it be, but my additional essential stationery items would have to be highlighter pens, paper clips, some pretty folders and last but not least stickers to make my planners look even more special.

I can always find an excuse for a new notebook or piece of stationery, and when I find a pretty pattern that provides a range of stationery, I know my purse could be in trouble.

Stationery that we have previously reviewed include




  1. February 4, 2018 / 4:53 pm

    Us bloggers are a sucker for stationery !!! I have a few notebooks on the go and I know exactly what you mean about finding the right pen. Love those Disney pens, and of course you need another trip to go and stock up on some more x

  2. February 12, 2018 / 8:58 am

    I have a handful of favourite pens that I tend to stick to and I never need an excuse for another notebook.

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