2017 Book Reading Goals – February Update

After my success of January, reading six books, I have kept up the same momentum through February and have also managed to read six books. I may sneak the seventh in by the end of today, but maybe not, so I’ll count six as my official figure.


This month took a different stance on the genre of books I ended up reading. I started the month with a book that was being raved about by friends, Sister Sister by Sue Fortin. A tale of a family being reunited with a long-lost sister / daughter was taken from them over twenty years previously. I enjoyed the book, but I managed to work out vaguely what was happening through the book which disappointed me slightly. I do wonder if I am reading too many psycholocgial thrillers and need a genre break for a while.

My next book was The Good Daughter by Alexandra Burt. A tale of mother and daughter piecing together the jigsaw that is their past. Horrific stories of danger and sadness have affected the pair as we learn about the journey of Dahlia finding out why her past was as it was. I found this book interesting but it was a little hard going in places.

Onto The Fifth Letter by Nicola Moriarty. A lighter tale than the previous of four girls who have been friends since school. Now all grown up with their own families, yet they still try to get together when they can. The girls are on a weekend break when they all decide to write an anonymous letter sharing a secret they have never shared with each other. The idea is to be able to help each other, but as the letters are shared, questions begin to be asked and cracks start to appear in the friendships. A fifth letter is found, one that shares a secret that could destroy the friendship, but who wrote it? I quite enjoyed the Fifth Letter. There was nothing to second guess and it was a very easy read.

I decided somewhere during the month to activate my free month of Amazon Prime. As I was taking advantage of this, I browsed Kindle Unlimited to see what was available, and my last three books of the month have been from Kindle Unlimited, all with a Disney theme to them. This has been a nice break from reading thrillers, and a break I think I needed to perhaps stop me second guessing all the plots I am reading.

I have read Working At Disney’s Epcot During The Golden Age by Mike Rhodes. A year working in Epcot’s UK pavilion being sponsored by Twinings Tea in the 1990’s

My next Disney themes book was 40 Years In A Mousetrap. Told from a cast member perspective from the 1970’s through to 2013. This was interesting to read snippets of what life was like as a cast member when Disney World was in its infancy.

The last book I have read was called Katie Earns Her Ears. A tale of secret cast member tales what it’s like working in the quick service environment in Magic Kingdom.

I have enjoyed reading the Disney stories this month as they are providing me some light reading and it also means I get a little bit of a Disney fix at the same time.


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