What Happens In Your Kitchen?

People say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It can be where a lot of families spend their time. Our kitchen isn’t big enough for my liking, and there certainly isn’t enough room to have a table for the family to sit around in it.



I can’t discount the kitchen just for those reasons however, as this is the room I get to create new and tasty treats in such as rhubarb cake, or making a curry for a weekend treat. It’s also the room that Hubby leaves me soppy messages on our chalk board.



It’s the room in which myself and 7yo make hot chocolate before sitting down to watch a film together on a cold Winter’s afternoon.

The kitchen holds many memories despite it’s size, and I hope it’ll continue to add to our family memories in years to come.

Is your kitchen the heart of your home?

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  1. Megan Adams says

    After a busy day at home, work and school, the kitchen is the place we all come together to discuss what we’ve been doing and catch up as a family. Invaluable time.

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