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If you read my blog, then you’ll know that I’m not a great fan of the dentist. Who is really I guess, the last visit when the dentist said those illusive words “We’ll see you in six months”, I haven’t actually managed to get back to see the dentist.


Five months after that appointment a letter dropped onto my doormat informing me that the dentist I was seeing wasn’t available so my appointment had been cancelled. I know enough to work out that this means the dentist has moved on from the practice and I will be seeing someone else when I go in, but yet for some reason the appointments aren’t automatically moved over, the patients have to reschedule the appointments themselves. Madness!

I think I have seen four dentists in three years, and I have visited a LOT in that time. The first dentist left very quickly and I since heard through the grapevine that it wasn’t on the best circumstances. He was the dentist who treated my abscess when it wouldn’t go away with two sets of antibiotics, two appointments of root canal treatment, before it was finally extracted by the next dentist I saw! All of this took around ten months to get sorted despite complaining to the practice manager.

The next dentist lasted long enough to extract my tooth and wasn’t there the next time I went back in for a filling on a different tooth.

I managed to meet the next dentist a few times as we carried out a few small fillings (I did say my teeth were awful didn’t I?). One appointment I went in for however, he looked around my mouth with the mirror, and asked me what I was in for today. I couldn’t speak properly, but I could see the confusion in his face as to why I was there. He had requested the appointment, not me. I NEVER choose to visit the dentist if I can help it. I ended up leaving that appointment with what was supposed to have been a filling, but I actually think he just filed my tooth down a little to make it look like he had dome the required work. Not that I can prove that.

Onto the final dentist, until I walk back into the building because I don’t know who I will meet next time when I actually get an appointment. My latest dentist was a lady, and she was the best I have met, so I will be sad that she’s not there anymore. I do think it helps if you can relate or warm to the dentist who is treating you as it really helped put me at ease.

I understand that there is no money in NHS dentistry for the dentists, and they work long hours. My first dentist told me he saw around 65 patients in a day. There’s no way you can get quality of care from that and mistakes will happen. I can’t afford to go private otherwise I probably would have a long time ago to secure the time and attention to make me feel calm and informed when visiting one of the places I dread. A survey showed that 54% of people would go private if they could afford to do so.

Do you visit an NHS or private dentist?

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    We have an excellent NHS dentist. It’s a private practise that take on a few NHS patients so we were lucky enough to get a place there. Our dentist is fab with the kids too as he has kids of similar ages and he’s honest too. I asked if he thought I’d benefit from having a brace and instead of saying yes and having me fork out quite a few £s for it, he said there would be no point as my teeth may relapse after a few years.
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    I am on the NHS. I am terrified of dentist. Our dentist tried a system of they send a letter after 6 months and you book it then. I asked them to make me an appointment for 6 months time, I told them if I wait for the letter I wouldn’t make it due to my fear, they made me an appointment – Yay!!

    They then sent a letter to cancel it – BOO and guess what I am now overdue :(
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