Summer Reading Challenge




Since 6yo has been going to school I have been aware of the summer reading challenge the local library takes part in each year. Try as I might I can never encourage 6yo to take part. Even the lure of the certificate and medal in September during a school assembly has never done the trick.

This year, it’s all change, and she loves reading, in fact she’s always got her nose in a book, and the confidence is really improving daily with words and reading independently.

I was so pleased when she said she wanted to take part in this summer’s reading challenge that we hot footed it to the library on Saturday morning which was the first date the challenge started for the summer.

She had a great time choosing her first set of books and has read some of them already this weekend. She even chose an Enid Blyton book which I am enjoying reading to her. A trip down memory lane for Mummy.

I think she’s most looking forward to getting to collect a certificate and medal in September at school. but it’s a great ploy to get kids reading, and visiting the library is a free activity as well.


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