Staying In Is The New Going Out



Do you prefer a good night out or a good night in? A few years ago, I would have said night out without any thought, but as the years have gone past, and the children have been born, friendships change, and going out isn’t necessarily all that it was cracked up to be when I was young , free and single.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to go out and catch up with friends, but a night in can be equally as rewarding, and sometimes even better if you remember my recent blogger’s night in last year. We wouldn’t have gained the same experiences had we met up in a central location and gone out.

Going out for me means getting dressed up and wearing nice shoes, both of which I love, but then I don’t want to wear a coat so I freeze the second I have left the house.

I love a good dance but after thirty minutes my feet are hurting and I want to take my shoes off but can’t as I don’t want to tread on anything unsavoury on the floor.

I recently went out to a Christmas Party in a big group. There was dinner and dancing which I was really looking forward to. As there was around twenty of us in total, when we were seated for dinner, the only people who I could actually talk to were the people on either side of me. There were people I didn’t actually talk to all night because we didn’t end up moving around the table enough to manage it.

After dinner and we all got the chance to dance, it was so busy that whilst there was a lot of laughing going on, and I was having a great time, I didn’t get to catch up with any of the people that I don’t normally get to chat with on a day to day basis. It was so noisy that when I did shout “Hi” to people, conversation was stunted immediately due to the noise.

The only quiet place for a chat was in the loo. Who wants to spend the night in the loo though? By 11.30 I was ready to go home because despite the laughing and dancing, I spent a lot of time queuing at the bar and wishing I could take my shoes off.  

There were ten of us at the blogger’s night in, and we were able to spend the time getting to know each other, catching up, eating, drinking, laughing, dancing without the worry of saying “Pardon”. There was no queuing for the toilet, the drinks flowed without having to wait around and above all we were all warm and comfortable wearing what we wanted rather than “having” to dress up for the sake of it.

Given the choice what do you prefer? Night in or night out?

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