Quick Canapes



It’s nice to have something in the house that you can prepare with little notice to wow guests when they arrive for a meal. When we have friends over, it’s rare that we will have a starter, but I have been creating in the kitchen this afternoon with samples from Pidy to create some lovely canapes.

I realised that as they don’t take very long at all, and can be made with anything you want, they are a great idea to have on standby.



I pulled the following ingredients from the fridge and freezer to create my canapes today.

  • cress
  • frozen prawns
  • gem lettuce
  • chicken
  • cheese triangles
  • mayo / tomato sauce to make prawn marie sauce.

I mixed the defrosted prawns with the sauce, the cheese with cress and chicken before layering into the spoons and cases.



The packet suggested the bouchees work well when heated in the oven for 8 minutes to make the pastry light and flaky, so I did this before adding the filling right before I served the canapes.

The spoonettes worked well with a small leaf of lettuce to stabilise the spoon before adding filling on top.



Once layered together they all look very inviting, and I wouldn’t have thought they could have been put together so quickly and without very much effort.

My only criticism are the spoonettes as they were a little fragile in the box and some were broken on arrival.


Disclosure – Thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples.


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