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What do you do when you’re watching your child and husband desperately racing  each other to inflate a brightly coloured object? Laugh of course! Well that’s what I was doing watching 7yo and Hubby play Pumpaloons from Drumond Park last week.

Such a simple idea for a game, but it really has shown that it’s a great idea to get two people, no matter how young or old, working together and against each other all at the same time. The object of the game? Be the first to inflate their loon.


Inside the box there are two inflatable loons and two pumps. Each pump connects to the inflatable loon, choosing the blue nozzle when you want to inflate, and the red nozzle when you want to deflate to put the game away again.

Set up is so simple, the children can do it themselves. When you’re ready to go, it’s a race to the finish as to who can inflate the quickest.

7yo was trying this with her hands, her feet, trying to get the best rhythm going. She beat her Dad easily the first time around, and her loon was smiling over the half inflated one before very long at all.


The game is aimed at two players aged four plus. We have learnt through playing the game that just as much fun can be had with one person playing, inflating and deflating the loon. It’s quite good arm exercise after a while.

When the loons need to be put away again after play, I knew this would be the part I would dread, as games like these never seem to deflate very well to go back in the box. Each loon has clever discs inside them, which helps them to fold down to a flat position. I actually managed to get the game back in the box so I was really pleased with the design. The quality of the loons themselves are another impressive point. The plastic isn’t too thin that you fear you could over inflate the product. They appear nice and sturdy with well-connected seams.


Pumpaloons retails at £19.99 and I guarantee any age can have fun playing the game.


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Disclosure – we received the game free of charge but all opinions are our own
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