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Do you remember Popples? They were first around for about four years in the late 80’s. Only nine different Popples made by Mattel, and I remember the time well.

I begged my parents for a Popple, and I ended up with Pancake. I didn’t know it was pancake though until today when I researched the history again. I loved my Popple, flipping her inside out to keep her warm in her pouch at night time.

She has stayed with my since childhood, though I’m not entirely sure why or how she has, but when we were clearing the loft a little while ago, I found her in a bag of soft toys. I think I must have let 18yo have her for a little while when she was younger, and now 6yo is enjoying her.

In fact 6yo does like to devote most of her attention to one stuffed toy at a time, depending on what the favourite of the day or week will be. At the moment it’s Pancake that she is taking everywhere with her.

I’m impressed at how well she still looks considering she’s over 25 years old.




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    I love it!! I am crazy about popples cos they were my favourite as a child. I had the baby popple and carried it around all the time by the arm, until the arm actually fell off! Then I had this one and others of this size too. I still have two here which I gave to the kids, one is exactly the same as your pancake popple and the other one is a baby bibsy or baby bootsy or something – the baby one but in full size.
    If popples came back, I would be quite excited although we did see some in New York about 6 years ago when expecting Mr Z and they had changed them and the idea was so wrong “tell me your secrets popples” you whisper your secrets to it, then when you chuck it across the room it tells them to whoever it wants??? A little more creepy than the popples we know and love 😉
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    I don’tremwmber these, but my two sons have so many of my old childhood toys – big yellow teapot, big red fu bus….their cot sheets were the same cot sheet’s I slept on 28 years ago and they have napped in the carrycot that me andmy brothers had on our pram!
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