Oxo Tot Twist Top Bottle Review And Giveaway

Water Bottles are like gold dust in this house. When 6yo takes them to school, they only seem to last a little while before they find a new home in the lost property box despite being named. It then takes me a while before they are reunited with us at home and given a good hot bath in the washing up bowl.



Initially I thought the Oxo Tot Twist Top Bottle was aimed at younger children, but after having this around for a few months in the house (and it’s still with us, I think it prefers to come home rather than stay at school), I have realised it has a lot of potential for older children too.



The bottle is nice and chunky which makes it good for little ones to get hold of, but it also makes it very sturdy for older ones. For the younger ones there is a liquid level marker on the sides which is useful. We don’t take a lot of notice of that feature when 6yo, but the features I especially like for her which are aimed at the older market are:

  • It doesn’t leak when the lid is twisted closed.
  • It’s easy to open and close with a twist revealing the straw and hiding it again
  • It’s not too small for the book bag and makes it an idea water bottle to fit most sized lunch boxes too.
  • It doesn’t just come in this lovely raspberry colour, but blue and green too.

The loop on the side of the bottle and the whole lid is made from a non slip rubbery material. For little ones this would be handy for attaching to pushchairs etc, but for 6yo she can just grab the handle and go.

I also like the fact that when you take the lid off there is a very wide neck opening. Have you ever tried to put ice cubes for example in some of the water bottles you can buy? The neck is so narrow it takes ages. This is a nice wide opening for this feature.

This bottle carries a price tag of around £8 which is slightly more than I would normally pay, but actually it really is worth the money. It’s also dishwasher safe.

I have one bottle to giveaway as well. Just enter using the rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure – we received the bottle free of charge but all opinions are our own.


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