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Whilst many bloggers have been planning to go to one of the main blogging events BritMums Live this weekend, I have been taking 7yo to ballet rehearsal every weekend for the last few weekends in preparation for this weekends main event watching my daughter on stage.

I’ve talked about 7yo doing ballet quite a lot on the blog, and how we have been preparing for exams earlier this year, then completing the exams.

As soon as the exam was finished, the children started rehearsing for a big summer production. There were about 80 – 100 children / adults taking part, and I can only imagine the work involved in pulling it all together.

There was a slight pang of disappointment when I realised the show would fall on the same weekend I was hoping to go to BritMums Live, not just for the conference, but to meet up with old friends and hopefully meet many new ones. Still 7yo comes first and she always will.

After all the practice and extra lessons, the weekend was finally here, and we were ready to go. 7yo was in two shows over the weekend, both matinée performances on the Saturday and the Sunday. Myself and Hubby watched on Saturday and I helped out back stage on Sunday.


It took me ages to perfect 7yo’s hair in a bun. I tried it with a donut, without a donut, and a variety of options in between. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it to look neat and I was relying on other people to put her hair up before the performances. One small tweak on the Saturday morning, and I managed this, which stayed in without anyone tampering with it until the end of the show. I was very proud of myself!

When the show started, I knew the order the children would be performing in, and my heart was beating loudly when I knew it was going to be 7yo’s turn.

THE MOMENT she came onto stage and performed her routine introduced a massive burst of pride for 7yo. It was quite an overwhelming feeling watching my baby smiling up at everyone watching her and her group as they danced in almost perfect synchronisation.

That moment alone made me realise I was glad I hadn’t gone to BritMums Live. Nothing was more important than where I was at that moment.


I can’t wait for the official photos to arrive now, as I know the lighting will be so much better than what I managed to take quickly in a hurry before the costumes came off.

This has definitely been more than a Magic Moment this weekend.



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    How lovely! I can totally relate to this as I’m also mum to a little dancer. Our dance show fell on the Britmums Live weekend too, but I was lucky that it was the Sunday and not the Saturday, so I managed to do both (although it was exhausting!).
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