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Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Driver?



One of the best things about the Christmas break, and not having to go to work, means I have been able to take advantage of not HAVING to use my car every day.

With the weather being as awful as it has been, it’s meant a few indoor days for us, or we have gone out in Hubby’s car when he’s been at home.

A couple of years ago, I ended up with car problems one Christmas when I didn’t drive my car for over a week, so I have been conscious of this this year and been starting the engine a couple of times even if I didn’t have to actually go anywhere.

This morning, we decided to take a trip to the shops before going to the park for some fresh air as the weather was so nice. Would the car start? You guessed it.

I wasn’t overly worried about it as I don’t especially NEED it until next week, but my kind brother came to my rescue with his battery charger, and I have a car that runs again.

To make sure it starts again tomorrow and obviously make sure it’s OK for Monday, we went out for a drive to give the battery some charge.

As we started on our mystery journey, I was shocked at some of the other drivers on the road. Don’t they realise the driving conditions are worse due to the wet roads and leaves making conditions poorer. Not to mention all the road spray that’s around.

I was only out for fifteen minutes, and not driving on particularly large roads, but in that short space of time, I looked in my rear view mirror whilst waiting to turn right, to see a big 4×4’s front end dipping left towards the pavement as he hovered very close to my boot. Obviously he thought he wasn’t going to stop in time! Thankfully he did! I drove on without really thinking about it, but I think I was lucky not to look up any sooner and see the driver come careering towards me.

I don’t know what the driver was or was not doing to not see me. Perhaps they were using their mobile phone? Perhaps they were listening to music and their mind was elsewhere? I probably don’t want to know to be fair. A recent survey has revealed some of the worst driving habits. After Hubby was caught for speeding last year, he knows only too well how being distracted can land you in trouble.

I’m not a perfect driver, far from it. Hubby and myself have very different views on how to drive. It winds me up when he doesn’t indicate at junctions, or worries about pressing the sat nav screen when we go through a speed camera that’s not on his current set of maps.

I know he doesn’t like it when I drive too close to the car in front (not that I think I do), and when I hesitate too much when it comes to overtaking other cars. I think that makes me safe but he thinks it can be just as unsafe. I guess it all depends on the situation.


What annoys you when it comes to other drivers?


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5 comments to Is There Such A Thing As The Perfect Driver?

  • Claire toplis

    I don’t drive but when I was learning , people coming out if side streets made me nervous especially as one hit me on my driving lesson one day.
    Claire toplis recently posted…Fighting SpiritMy Profile

  • I hate being tailgated especially when you are doing the speed limit and the road conditions are bad. I think there seem to be more and more bad drivers out there every year and it is quite scary!
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Holiday bad behaviourMy Profile

  • I had brushed off a tailgater on the motorway barely 5 minutes before an incident ahead that made us have to do an emergency stop from 65 down to 0 in only a few seconds. If he’d been right behind me still then there’s no way he wouldn’t have hit us. I still can’t believe we got away with it – all 3 lanes of motorway were full of cars all higgledy and slanted as everyone looked around and said their thanks. It’s definitely made me even more aware of protecting the space around my van. I agree with leaving a big gap – definitely :)
    Jenny @ The Brick Castle recently posted…And Hello 2014….My Profile

  • Where to start! People who don’t use their indicators. People who tailgate and don’t drive according to the conditions. I’m certainly not a brilliant driver, I can’t park to save my life, but I do think I’m a careful and considerate driver
    Mary @over40andamumtoone recently posted…Painting on a rainy dayMy Profile

  • […] don’t think I was being over-cautious by waiting. The roads can be bad in many types of weather but it’s often the drivers that haven’t thought about what the conditions mean that […]

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