How To Enjoy Healthy Yogurt Snacks

Yogurt is a staple on our shopping list each week, and we have even had a go at making our own in the past few months. Yogurt on its own is a snack I enjoy but sometimes I like to mis it up a little bit to make it a bit more interesting for Miss A. She prefers the tube yogurts and often I will put these in the freezer to make her school lunch box a little cooler.

healthy yogurt snacks

If I do this often with child’s tube yogurts, then there’s no reason not to make a more grown up variety version of a frozen yogurt lolly. This is a great alternative to ice creams when we are looking for a more healthy yogurt snack idea, and I use my lolly moulds to keep upright in the freezer. This helps your large tub of yogurt last longer if you’re not sure it’ll get eaten before the best before date as well.

I’ve been trying out some of the range of Rachel’s Organics yogurts in the last couple of weeks and have been very impressed with the different flavours that I don’t usually spot in other brands. For example, I don’t often choose a rhubarb flavour yogurt or a rhubarb and strawberry combination, but they are both very tasty and I have widened my choice of flavours for the future.

healthy yogurt snacks

You may have read lately that I’ve been making my own smoothies and talking about why smoothies are good for us. I decided to incorporate some yogurt into one of my smoothie recipes last week and it was a great success so this will be a permanent ingredient in my smoothie choices in the future. The above glass has a smoothie using rhubarb yogurt, apple, spinach and red berries.

When choosing a breakfast option if we are on the go, I like to choose granola topped with yogurt as it fills me up and gives me the health benefits of all the vitamins that yogurt contains. 

healthy yogurt snacks

Until I started experimenting I didn’t realise how versatile yogurt is, and there are so many healthy yogurt snack ideas around that I will be making sure I increase my collection of recipes in the future.

What’s your favourite yogurt recipe?

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