How Much?

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How much we spend on food in our house has been at the forefront of my mind this week. Our household budget is due to change in the next few months, so the organiser in me has been trawling through our expenses and making sure we are paying for the correct necessities and checking where we’re overspending.

I have always set a guesstimated budget for food, but until I actually added up everything we spent in the supermarkets over a month, I didn’t realise how much we actually spent.

When I have time, I like to cook from scratch and am building up a good selection of recipes that I go back to when I need the inspiration. As I know a lot of our meals are made at home, and there aren’t that many takeaways or meals out happening on a monthly basis, I was shocked to realise we spend just over £500 in supermarkets last month. This would have been for food, toiletries etc for three adults, one child and a cat.

That is ever so slightly (well quite a lot) over the budget that I had set for us all. It’s not just the fact that it’s so much (well it will be when income is reduced), but the fact that we never seem to have an over stocked fridge or freezer.

I know the cost of food has risen steadily over the last couple of years, but I still think that figure is too much as there are savings we can make.

My aim over the next month is to attempt to reduce that figure by 10% and then again the following month until we get to a figure that we are happy with, without feeling as though we’re going without.

I am going to research different ways of buying food, using butchers, markets, etc to find a way of getting more for less.

Am I reading too much into this? How much do you spend per month on food?


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    I’m not quite sure how much we spend, but I guess it can get a bit much at times… I think the meal planning could help, although with our irregular lifestyle it’s hard for me to always stick to a plan. We always try to go for the cheapest alternative (Lidl has very competitive prices on fruit and veg), and I make sure there’s always some rice, pasta, tinned stuff and something in the freezer that I can use to make a dinner, so I won’t go and buy extra things I don’t need.
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    I do think that can definitely be reduced. If I put the 2 little boys together as an ‘adult portion’ then we have an average of just over 7 eating/washing/living at our house every day.
    I try to keep my supermarket bills to £140 per week, with an additional £15-£20 each week topping up bread and milk, so we’d be at around £650 per month. I have more time around teatime to cook though, and we do rely heavily on one-pot specials like curry, chilli, pasta in sauce and stir fry – which I find are much cheaper than buying meat or pre-prepared stuff like Kievs. Simple things like cutting up spuds for wedges, or rice with egg and onion stirred through are incredibly cheap and filling sides :)
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    I reckon we spend pretty much the same as you – for 5 of us including nappies, but not including a cheeky take away once a week! We are planning on moving soon and will have to tighten our belts a bit when that comes together, but I know that at the moment I do splash out on things that we like, but dont need as such, so I should be able to bring it down to £400 I hope!
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    We don’t spend nearly as much as we used to. I ditched online shopping, and got a costco card – we go there and buy in bulk for all non perishables, cleaning stuff and toiletries, probably spend about £200 a month there. Then it’s just a case of fresh fruit and veg – you’ll save loads from the greengrocer and even more if you have a food co-op near you. Meat and fish are cheaper at supermarkets but much nicer from the butcher/fishmonger and we save so much on the other stuff I don’t mind that. Good luck!
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    I think it is so easy to overspend on food. Before you know it, the true cost is really high. We spend around £70 a week on food for 2 children, 2 adults and a dog. We generally shop at Lidl as it’s so much quicker and good quality. Good luck with reducing yours, we try to meal plan which helps.
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    We spend about £80 a week for 2 adults and 3 children. I do buy our fruit and veg from a local supplier as it is better value and quality so it lasts longer. I try to buy meat from the market as it is also cheaper and good quality. I meal plan according to what we have and cook from scratch. Good luck, it is easier than you think x
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    The pricing has shot up recently and despite really cutting back we still spend over £100 a week on shopping.
    I have just discovered home bargains and are trying out using that for some of our essentials. We worked out we saved £10 this week which isn’t bad
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    I’m a tiny bit afraid to work out how much we spend. I think it’s around £200 a month but I’m sure once I add it all up its likely to be much much more. I need to meal plan a lot better and stock up on bargains!

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