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We’ve lived in our house for over eight years now, and we haven’t done a lot to it since we moved in. With having a baby, getting married and life happening, the years have gone past and the house has started to look a little tired.

We had planned to get a new bathroom and carpets during the first year we were here. The bath was badly installed and kept leaking through to the kitchen below, and the carpets had definitely seen better days. I knew the kind of bathroom I wanted for ages before we finally got it installed, and I have always wanted a nice heated towel rail in the bathroom which was an option with a redesign.

The bathroom happened first over one weekend, and then once the messy work had been completed we went off to choose our carpets. I couldn’t wait to rip up the old and have matching carpets through the house.

The weekend finally arrived and our new carpets went in. My new bed that we had bought along with our new mattress  was still sitting in it’s packaging in the dining room. Rationally, we knew there was no point building a new bed that we would have to somehow remove from the room to have carpets fitted.


The bed has a secret compartment to hide all my shoes and bags! I quickly claimed that space!

No new bed would be complete without a new set of bedding. There’s nothing like a fresh set of bedding is there when you climb into bed at night.

I am always drawn to the Argos catalogue when I’m looking for new items for the home, and their Colour Match range is usually very good value for money, and you can get a variety of items in the same colour scheme.

The colours this autumn are pastel shades. Hubby doesn’t like anything girly in our room, but I also don’t want anything too dark or masculine. I chose the jellybean blue shades which compliments my new brown bed perfectly.



The first night in my new bed saw the best night’s sleep I had had for ages. I’m sure it probably was psychological, but I didn’t mind, as I woke for an early shift at work refreshed for the first time ever.

My room looks like a proper bedroom now, not just a dumping ground for all hubby’s things that he can’t be bothered to find a home for.

The duvet cover is soft, looks fresh and really helps to brighten up the room. I’m really pleased with it, and at just £10.99 for a double set it’s great value for money.


Disclosure – we received the duvet set and pillows free of charge, but all opinions are our own



  1. LauraCYMFT
    September 24, 2013 / 8:17 pm

    Ooo I need a bed like that where I can hide all my stuff! Looks lovely!

  2. September 25, 2013 / 7:03 am

    That looks great – we have a few of the colour match items and have been impressed for the price

  3. September 25, 2013 / 11:08 am

    That looks so cosy! I’m so looking forward to getting our bedroom finished, still waiting for someone to put the wall back in!

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