Home Improvement – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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I’ve been married to my husband for just over two years, and lived with him for almost eight years. When we first moved in together, we obviously doubled up on a lot of bits and pieces including furniture. His bed was better than mine at the time, so we kept his, but I didn’t want to keep his mattress for a couple of reasons. It had seen better days, and it was also a place he shared with his previous girlfriend, so I put my foot down and demanded we buy a new one when we moved in together.

As we put life in fast forward over the last eight years, we have been using the same mattress we bought very cheaply all that time ago when we moved in together.

I’ve been complaining about the fact that you could hear the springs when you got into bed for a little while. It was also starting to bow in the middle, and there just wasn’t a lot of support left in my opinion.

After lusting after a few mattresses online, I knew that eventually I would want a memory foam mattress, and I also knew I was going to spend the most amount of money that we could afford, as a good night’s sleep is a good investment for me, as I’m really cranky when I’m tired.

Once we had decided on our new mattress, we had decided to purchase a new bed at the same time, but as we have ended up doing some more home improvements, the new bed is still sitting in it’s box waiting to be built. We will only build it after we have had new carpets fitted, which is happening this weekend.

To say I’m excited is an understatement, as the bed frame is still the one my husband had when he lived alone, so it’ll be nice to get one that is “ours”.

I didn’t hold back on using the new mattress when it arrived however, and we have been using that for a couple of months now. The difference is amazing. No longer can I hear springs, as we have a memory foam mattress. I don’t roll into the middle of the bed involuntarily like I did before, and every spot is comfortable.

I really do sleep better since having the new mattress, so the investment was more than worth it to me.



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