Half Term Victories

Since just after Christmas, Hubby has been working a LOT of overtime at work. He rarely makes it home to see 6yo before bed unless it’s his night to collect her from after school club. Last week he was off work for half term, so the two of them managed to play catch up and spend the week together.

6yo has achieved a LOT in this last week with her Daddy behind her, and she has been very proud of herself, as is Daddy of her.

At the beginning of the week they went ice skating, just to a small rink, but they both remembered the last time they went, when I was there to watch and 6yo decided she could manage without help and of course went flat onto her face and came away with a bleeding chin. This trip was a lot better, so much so she stood without assistance for this photo and we’re all going back at the weekend for more ice skating fun.




It rained a LOT at the beginning of the week as well, but somehow they both went out on their bikes for a bike ride IN THE RAIN. I thought they were mad, but they thought it was great fun.

When the rain stopped there was time for a trip to the park, which I always think is a must when you’re passing one.



At the end of the week, they went swimming. I have listened to tales of “Mummy, I touched the bottom in the big pool and pushed myself back up”, and Hubby telling me how well she did in the big pool. He wouldn’t let her in the small pool despite it being warmer.


I missed all of this, but it’s still a magic moment for me because 6yo and Daddy spent quality time together, which is something that hasn’t happened for a few weeks, and probably wont for a few more weeks, apart from the stolen moments the weekends provide.



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