Fitbit Charge HR Overview

I have been a big fan of activity trackers on the blog and am often found to be wearing one. I have reviewed the Fitbug Orb and the Fitbug Air in the past, but when disaster struck after Christmas and my Fitbug strap broke, I decided to purchase myself a Fitbit Charge HR. I mainly decided to do this after seeing some friends using theirs and seeing what it was capable of, but the main reason I purchased the Fitbit Charge HR was because it also doubles as a watch and my watch had also broke.

fitbit charge hr overview


The Fitbit Charge HR costs in the region of £80 – £110 depending on deals that you can find. I managed to snag myself a bargain and bought from Amazon for £79.99 just after Christmas. The Fitbit Charge HR comes in four colours that I have seen, plum purple which I have, black, grey and tangerine. It also comes in two wrist sizes, small and large.

Fitbit Charge HR Functions

Immediately I liked the Fitbit Charge HR because of the fact it has a digital screen as I mentioned and it doubles as a watch. It also scrolls through your steps, heart rate, floors climbed, calories burnt and distance travelled at the press of one button on the side of the unit. The functions of the Fitbit Charge HR are so simple that the unit is operated by one single button. Either scroll through to view the different options or press and hold to start a stopwatch which can be used to track a certain exercise class for example to see how many calories you burned in a particular time frame for example. I really like this feature for tracking dog walks and gym sessions.

Fitbit charge hr


How long does the battery last?

The Charge HR battery lasts around three days in constant use. It takes around an hour to fully charge and is charged via a USB which connects to your computer. The lead isn’t very long which is slightly irritating, but I have it set up in place so I can rest the unit on top of my tower now.

Is there an app?

Yes Fitbit have an app which is suitable for IOS and Android which you download from the App store. On the app you can set your own details up and sync your Fitbit via bluetooth. You do need an active internet connection to update your details but the app will give you a great deal of information.

You can add your food into the food diary if you like via a large search database of foods. There is also a barcode option which I have recently found out, but it didn’t recognise my two foods, one of which was a supermarket sausage roll, and the other a new packet of snacks that I think are new to the market.

The app will also show you everything you can see on your digital screen but in more detail and it will also show you your sleep patterns if you wear your Fitbit overnight. The unit will recognise sleep patterns via your heart rate and movement. It’s interesting to look at how well rested I have been (or not).

fitbit charge hr

If you set your stopwatch timer, then the app will show you your workout summary when you have finished and pressed the stopwatch button again. I find this option really motivating to look at.

There is one very fun feature of the Fitbit that I love and that is the challenges. You can be friend people you know who also have a Fitbit unit and invite them to join challenges with you. This will bring about some slight competition which may motivate you to get moving a little more. There are quite a few of us at work who have Fitbits now and each week there is a Workweek hustle challenge to see who has taken the most amount of steps. I don’t seem to do very well compared to others, but I do sit at a desk all day. It does give an insight as to how much or little I move in a day compared to others though.

fitbit charge hr


Is the Fitbit Charge HR worth its price tag?

In my opinion yes it is 100%. For me having a watch that looks stylish and isn’t obtrusive on my wrist. It’s comfortable and I barely know it’s there. I have the purple one and I think it blends in well with everything I wear which is a plus point. The battery life is long enough to provide decent usage and doesn’t take too long to charge. I also like the fact that it can be charged and doesn’t need disposable batteries.

How many steps do you think you walk in a day? The average you should be attaining is 10,000 per day and I am finding I am quite sedentary as I barely reach that in a day unless I do additional exercise or walk the dog.

There are upgraded models on the market. but I still enjoy using my Fitbit Charge HR 18 months after purchasing it.

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  1. Alice Megan
    March 3, 2016 / 6:29 pm

    I have a fitbit flex at the minute but I definitely want to upgrade to the charge it does so much more!

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