Crafting With Toucan



All this wet weather has called for indoor activities to fill the gaps when we really can’t get out and about. Readers of my blog will know that 6yo’s favourite activity aside from screen is to do art and craft. She loves getting new kits to complete, and often makes her own creations from scraps of paper and pens etc.

Yesterday, a Toucan Box Taster dropped through the letter box, and after school was the perfect time for 6yo to have a look inside and amuse herself.

These boxes cost just £3.95, are themed to your child’s gender and age that you select when ordering and slot right through the letter box which makes them ideal for if you’re not at home.

Our box contained everything 6yo needed to make a dream catcher,



She set to work quickly having a browse through the instruction leaflet first.



The structure of the kit was minimal which meant I could leave 6yo to it and get on with things. The paints weren’t my favourite as she had trouble getting the water to activate the pallate but we got there in the end.

There were more than enough stickers to decorate once painted, and plenty of wool to thread. I did like that this encouraged 6yo to practice her fine motor skills with threading, something she normally struggles with.



I would say the kit overall took around an hour from start to finish to complete. This included waiting for the paint to dry which actually wan’t that long due to the water based paint pallete.



Would you like your own Taster box from Toucan? If so head over to and put in the code TOUCAN to receive your free box.

Disclosure – we were provided the box free of charge, but all opinions are our own


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