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Buying For the Awkward Men in Your Life

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There’s not many of us ladies that will struggle to buy gifts for the men in their life. Is that difficult person to buy for your Dad? Your brother? Your Uncle? Grandad?

Every year I face the same question of what to get for my brother. If I ask him what he wants, the answer is always the same, “if it’s expensive and electrical then I’ll be happy

Well he wont be getting expensive or electrical from me unless I win the lottery, so I always have to start thinking about his present earlier than everyone else’s just to get a head start on the ideas.

I’ve been looking for some interesting gift ideas….and came across this drink set from Homewetbar I can always tell if he doesn’t like something as unfortunately his face gives it away when he unwraps the present.




I have also bought him something similar to this in the past, and I know it’s still used for when they have friends over. It’s probably also used in conjunction with the shot game.



But do you see the trend that I was letting myself fall into? A few years ago, I decided that I had exhausted these avenues of buying alcohol related gifts and games, so I changed tactics and started to think outside of the box.

My brother is a bit of a foodie at heart and is always trying out new recipes for his family. This spurred me on to buying him food related gifts for a few years, including one year I wrapped a box of tortilla wraps and put it under the tree for him. I secretly kept the second part of his present that was a fajita pan out-of-the-way. His face was a picture when he opened the wraps. He did his best to be grateful, but you could see the confusion on his face.



When I hear the latest recipe craze he gets into, and goes about varying the meat seasoning, I’m usually lucky enough to squeeze a marinade set out of it for at least part of a Christmas present if not all, depending on what the theme is at the time.

I’m not sure what I’ll do when he stops appreciating the cooking, or I run out of new gift ideas for him to try, but until that day, I will continue to look around every year for that new and different gift that I know he’ll actually use.

Which relative do you struggle to buy for?

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