Blowing Out The Cobwebs #Country Kids

The weather has been so bad this week that we’ve not been out very far. We went out yesterday and got caught in a hail storm with thunder and lightening! That sent us home quick smart after only about five minutes of being out.

This morning, despite it still raining, 6yo really wanted to ride her bike and who am I to knock that when her confidence has arrived. Hubby wanted to see how high the river had got, so out we went.



I was the sensible one in my wellies so I could splash in the puddles! The river had indeed almost got up to it’s maximum limit at the bank. It hasn’t broken through yet though. Not at the river by the park at least.



6yo was having a great time riding her bike.



The river was flowing quite fast in places. I can imagine it would be very cold in there.



We got so far and saw the path was cut off completely stopping us on our outing. We had no choice but to turn back because I was the only one wearing wellies! A shopping trip is on the cards for this afternoon I think. I went in a little bit to see how deep it was and my feet soon got very chilly in the water.



This was the path, completely disappeared. 6yo really wanted to go through, so I promised we’ll go back tomorrow with wellies and see how far we get.



On our way back, I played about with the manual settings on my camera.


I’m linking this up to this week’s #Country Kids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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