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Bakerross Teacher Gifts

If you read our last post about Bakerross, you’ll understand how excited 7yo was when another box arrived a couple of weeks ago. As we looked through the contents, the perfect activity idea came to 7yo to make gifts for her teachers for the end of term.

Included in our box was some pots of acrylic paints in lovely shimmering colours, and a pack of ceramic hanging flowers.



7yo set to work painting the shapes on a lovely sunny afternoon. They were dry in no time. We went through a few ideas on what to decorate with and what messages to put on the flowers. We have settled on some printed messages that I have to add from the computer once I have been given my instructions for the wording.



Once completely dry, it was time to decorate, and 7yo wanted to use the stick on gems that were also in our box we received. She created some lovely patterns going around the edge and picked out which shape is going to which teacher.  I was very proud of her concentration.

For 7yo to decide to create gifts for her teachers with these craft items is a great touch for the end of term. I like the personal touches when giving gifts.

Price List:

– 5 ceramic flower decorations £3.99

– 6 pots of pearlised acrylic paint £9.99

– self adhesive jewels £2.99

What will you be giving your child’s teachers at the end of term?


Disclosure – we received the craft items free of charge but all opinions are our own.

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