Are You Ready For Back To School?

Are you ready for back to school? It’s scary to think it’s only next week that most children in the UK will be returning to school after the six-week break. We’ve packed loads into our six weeks, but now it’s time to focus on getting back into routines at bedtime and making sure we have everything ready for the first day back.



7yo loves stationery and is always writing something down in a notebook, or using sticky notes to leave for people. Her school has a new branded rucksack that she has persuaded me to buy this year, so she was really pleased to receive some lovely stationery from Hallmark to pack her new bag with.



Every girl needs a music book right? Well this is what she’s using her new A4 hard backed lined notebook for. She’s started writing a song and I have to listen to it each time a new line has been written. Sticky notes of different sizes and patterns are a great idea nestled inside the smaller notebook set as she scribbles little notes down and sticks them in the larger notebook.

With the bag packed, we’ve been thinking about what to put in the lunch boxes next week. We’ve been creating some new ideas lately and I’ve been allowing 7yo to have her input so we don’t get wasted food and full lunch boxes at the end of the school day.

Yoghurts are always a good idea, and when we came across these new pouch yoghurt from The Collective Dairy, we were eager to give them a go.


They are the perfect lunch box size with an easy removable cap. I wasn’t too sure of the name “suckies” when I first saw them, but I soon realised as I was trying one that you do indeed have to suck them to get the yoghurt out so the name is very apt.

The flavours of these yoghurt / fruit combinations are inviting, and I will admit to trying the kiwi, pear and apple variety before I gave 7yo the chance to try them. It was a big thumbs up from Mummy!



We usually only have vanilla or strawberry yoghurt in the lunch boxes as this is what 7yo likes, however these new mix of flavours have opened her taste buds to ask for more variety which is a great thing.


So are you ready for back to school next week?
Disclosure – we received the items free of charge but all opinions are our own


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