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The Life Of Spicers


A Day In The Life Of Fidget

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It’s not all about the humans on The Life Of Spicers. Sometimes the cat gets a look in too. Fidget has recently been showcased when he was seen having cuddles with the family, and now more recently we’ve been playing laser tag with him and letting him sample his own tasty treats.



Fidget can be a fussy so and so when he wants to with his food. But we do try to remember that he is an old man now, and they can be cantankerous can’t they!

We already feed him with pouches in jelly or gravy for his meals with a snack of dried biscuits on occasion, so the meals he was sent were almost identical aside from the brand. We were asking him to test James Wellbeloved cat pouches  and Canagan chicken dried cat food.

Both of these have been received well. There were a few nose tests with the first few packets of James Wellbeloved, but he soon got used to the taste and ate as greedily as usual.



After filling up on all that tasty food, it was play time. We set the laser toy up by adding the batteries (included in the packet) and started to tease poor Fidget to get him to chase the light.

He’s not as young as he once was, but he still likes to chase.



After all that it was time for a treat. These were received very well, if almost a little too quickly when the packet was opened. Phew, what a busy day for a cat. Usually he’s spotted doing a lot of this.

Disclosure – we received the products shown free of charge but all opinions are our own

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