24 Sleeps To Christmas – An Activity Advent Calendar

We always buy the traditional chocolate calendars, and in the past we have also had a Playmobil calendar that has been built a little bit each day. I’ve never seen an activity advent calendar however so was pleased to see something different for this year.



A nice sturdy A3 bound book which is fully personalised and has a different activity to complete on each day. I like that it acts as a calendar that can be hung on the wall and is very visual in number of sleeps until Christmas.

Each page is packed with information and colour which is well made from cardstock.



There are a variety of activities that will appeal to children of around four upwards. The most complicated would be the wordsearch, but that’s not too difficult to work out with some adult help for the younger ones.

This is a welcome change from chocolate and it’s going to give 7yo something to focus on after school each afternoon through December. Currently these calendars are available from Suttons and Dobies of Devon for a great price of £14.99.

Disclosure – I received the calendar free of charge but all opinions are my own



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