10 Ways To De-stress

The beginning of the year usually signifies a new start, but it’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of every day life. January for me is a lot less stressful that December ever is, there seems to be so many more activities and places to be in December that I am always so thankful for the break between Christmas and New Year before the daily routine of school and work starts again. To prevent January becoming as stressful as December, I am focusing on the following 10 ways to de-stress this year to make 2016 a positive and happy year.

10 ways to de-stress

  • Colouring
    • I got my first adult colouring books for Christmas and they are a great time waster. They really are great for losing all the stressful thoughts that may be collecting inside your head. Be warned though you can lose hours if you’re not careful. Hubby did look at me a little funny when I requested new pencils to go with the colouring book as Miss A has lots but I think a new colouring book deserves a new set of pencils too right?


  • Walk
    • Fresh air has a lot going for it. I don’t like the rain, but I have had some instances during last year where I went for a walk and ended up walking a lot longer than I had planned, but at the end of it I had actually walked out a lot of my stress and felt better for it at the end. I prefer the cold weather to the rain, but if you need to walk then walk. Walking is also doing a great job adding to my daily steps now I have a Fitbit.

New trainers this will help my motivation to get out there to go #running @propellernet #fitness #getfit #startrunning

  • Write It Down
    • Getting something out of your head and onto paper can really help it leave your thought process. You know when something is going round and round your head and it’s not until you action it that it is able to leave? Writing it down can really help. What you choose to do with it when it’s written down it up to you. You can throw it away and it’s still left your head. This is where blogging is great for me as I can get lots of my thoughts out of my head and onto paper as it were.


  • Say No!
    • I am so guilty of saying Yes too often. I don’t always want to say yes to what I am agreeing to but there is something in me that doesn’t like to offend people (those closest to me won’t believe me if they read this, but it’s true!). I am learning this year that if I really don’t want to go somewhere or want to do something then the answer will have to be No.


  • Laugh
    • I am a firm believer in laughter and it can make you feel so much better. It can be in person or on the phone, reading something or watching something, but laughing with something or someone else can make you forget everything you were stressing about. Laughter is gold!


  • Breathe
    • Stress can make you feel very anxious and tight chested. Your shoulders go tight and it’s not a nice feeling at all. Breathing deeply and preferably in a quiet place for ten minutes will help you feel so much better.

Lola at nine months old1

  • Pets
    • Lola is a great time waster, and when I am feeling stressed, spending time with her can make me feel so much better. When she rests her head on my leg, I know she’s appreciating the cuddles she’s getting and it helps to forget all the stress and worry.


  • Gym
    • I go to the gym sporadically, but lately I have been making an effort to go a little more with a friend. It’s  great for the social aspect which can have you laughing and also offloading all your problems and gossip that may be building up, as well as increasing the endorphins that make you feel good about yourself. It’s difficult to want to exercise when you’re feeling stressed but I promise it really does help.


  • Do something you enjoy 
    • Taking your mind off whatever is worrying you such as cooking, baking, watching TV, or anything else you enjoy is a little like me doing my colouring. Focusing on a different task helps to let go of all the stress that was there to begin with. It may come back later, but a little relief is great.


  • Listen to music
    • I prefer the peace and quiet but for some listening to music and losing yourself in the lyrics can really help. I like the music on when I’m driving and these two together can often help me de-stress.

What helps you de-stress?

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